This service pre-emptively calculates the return on a future sponsorship investment, quantifying the expected visibility generated for the sponsor, and the corresponding financial value of the expected increase in brand exposure.
By cross-referencing the monitoring data relating to the time period of the sponsorship agreement with the data archived in the Vidierre historical database, the analysis software generates an objective projection of the visibility gained by the subject as a result of the sponsorship agreement, which is translated into a corresponding financial value.


This service is used:
  • by sponsored subjects, to quantify the commercial value of sponsorship formats, so that they can be presented to potential sponsors
  • by sponsors, to pre-emptively calculate the future performance of planned investments in sponsorship
The service can include, on request, qualitative analysis of planned brand positioning (visibility, times, positioning, dimensions, colour schemes etc.) and can be integrated with research into the most effective new brand positioning available.


  • The data for the projections is extracted from the Vidierre Database
  • The service can be applied to individual target groups or specific target audience groups that are of interest 

Data supplied

Predictive calculation of expected results in terms of
  • Quantity and duration of the sponsor's appearances
  • Media (TV/Press), programme/title involved
  • Value of the sponsor's media appearances
  • GRPs
On request:
  • Specific audience, audience share and target audience indicators for the sponsor's expected TV appearances