This service measures the subject's brand exposure. 
It calculates the value of a piece of sponsorship, not in terms of market price or the investment made, but in terms of visibility generated for the sponsor.

What can be monitored?

  • Logos
  • Claims/messages
  • Products


This service calculates the return on a sponsorship agreement, both in terms of visibility and in terms of the economic value of the brand exposure.
  • Sponsored parties can use it to quantify the value generated for their sponsors.
  • Sponsors benefit from a calculation of the return on an investment and the identification of any shortcomings in the formats used.
The service makes it possible to optimise brand positioning during the course of a sponsorship campaign, and can include, on request, qualitative analysis of the visibility, readability and memorability of a client's logo or slogan.
Finally, the service offers the possibility of comparing the client’s visibility to that of its competitors, or in respect to a different period of time.



Data supplied

Complete, detailed reports on each logo/claim appearance in respect to:
  • Media type (TV/Press/Web), programme/title/page, date and time
  • Number of appearances
  • Value of appearances
  • GRPs
On request:
  • Audience, audience share and target audience indicators for every television appearance
  • digital archive of each of the subject's appearances