This service verifies the planned placement of brands and products within the scenes of films, television dramas, and sports and entertainment programmes across radio and television schedules.

What can be monitored?

  • Products
  • Logos


The service calculates the return on a particular instance of product placement, both in terms of visibility and in terms of the financial value of the exposure.
  • Media producers can use it to quantify the value generated for their investors,
  • For the investing company, it calculates the return on investments in product placement and identifies areas for improvement in the formats used
  • Brand ambassadors and celebrities can use it to verify their value in terms of brand vectors
The service also offers the possibility of:
  • comparing a product's visibility to that of its competitors
  • comparing the return on different instances of product placement
  • calculating, pre-emptively, the expected return on an investment in brand/product placement in terms of brand exposure or product visibility


  • Analysis of audience, audience share, and target audience for a product/logo's television appearances
  • Analysis of each of the subject's appearances in regard to 48 visibility parameters
  • Each appearance is cross-referenced with the pricing schemes of all the major advertising companies.
  • Calculation of the value and GRP total of each of a product or logo's television appearances
  • The service can be applied to individual target groups or specific target audience groups that are of interest 

Data supplied

Complete, detailed reports on each product/logo appearance, in reference to:
  • TV/Radio programme, date/time
  • Number of appearances/references
  • Value of appearances
  • GRPs
On request:
  • Audience, audience share and target audience indicators for every television appearance
  • digital archive of each of the subject's appearances
Integration with other services
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