This service detects concepts and topics within web sources. For each of these it calculates the relative buzz, associates a sentiment and reveals the mood. It examines over 15 million web sources, including blogs, forums and newsgroups.

What can be monitored?

  • Brands
  • Products
  • Personalities
  • Subjects/issues
  • Events
Note: monitoring subjects are interpreted by the system as concepts, or rather, as terms that are linked to a context and a semantic network, and not as individual keywords.


The service can be used for:
  • Segmentation and positioning analysis
  • Analysis of sentiment in relation to brands and products
  • Brand awareness
  • Online reputation
  • Analysis of the mood of selected documentary sources
  • Identifying influencers and opinion leaders
  • Tailored research


  • 14 languages supported
  • refreshed every 7 to 30 minutes
  • sources integrated as required by the client

Data supplied

  • Comprehensive reports on all references to the concept being analysed
  • Importance of source in relation to overall body of sources
  • Critical analysis of sources
  • Critical analysis of results based on the client's strategic directions
  • Visualisations of buzz, mood and sentiment over time
  • Day-by-day mood, with integrated tags that indicate connections to significant events
  • Diffusion and development of individual topics and subject areas, with variations in relevant sentiment and associated negative and positive perceptions.
  • Digital archive of sources

Integration with other services:
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