This service is based on an advanced intelligence system. It analyses emotional contexts, trends in public opinion and how different media handle particular topics of interest, such as events, issues, market forecasts and shifts in public opinion.
Concepts are detected across different media (web, TV, press, radio) and are analysed by the semantic engine. The service quantifies the diffusion of these topics and outlines the emotional character of the conversations identified, analysing the relevant mood and sentiment

What can be monitored?

  • Issues
  • Events
  • Topics of interest
Note: monitoring subjects are interpreted by the system as concepts, or rather, as terms that are linked to a context and a semantic network, and not as individual keywords.


The service can be used for
  • Analysing of the emotional climate surrounding a particular concept
  • Predicting of trends in public opinion
  • Analysing of sentiment in regard to various topics that are of public interest
  • Analysing of the mood of selected documentary sources
  • Identifying influencers and opinion leaders
  • Tailored research



Data supplied

  • Comprehensive reports on all references to the concept being analysed
  • Importance of source in relation to overall body of sources
  • Critical analysis of sources
  • Critical analysis of results based on the client's strategic directions
  • Visualisations of buzz, mood and sentiment over time
  • Day-by-day mood, with integrated tags that indicate connections to significant events
  • Diffusion and development of individual topics and subject areas, with variations in relevant sentiment and associated negative and positive perceptions.
  • Digital archive of sources
Integration with other services
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