This service produces a digital text transcription of media references to the subject. At the same time, it sends the client an alert in near-real-time (less than 20 minutes), with a link to the original audio or video content. 

What can be monitored?

  • Direct quotations: the service monitors and transcribes the statements of a particular public figure
  • Indirect references: the service monitors and transcribes statements made by other parties regarding a given personality, brand, product, issue or event


The service makes it possible to monitor the statements of one or more public figures in real time, and anticipate the reaction of competitors and the media.
In addition, it makes it possible to keep updated on the latest discussions relating to a specific issue.



Data supplied

  • Near-real-time alerts (less than 20 minutes) sent to the client's PC, tablet or smartphone.
  • Link to an audio/video recording of the statement and a complete transcription of dialogue.
  • Complete reports provided at regular intervals covering all references to the analysis subject, complete with dialogue transcriptions and original audio/video sources. 
Integration with other services