The discipline of applying the techniques of neuroscience with the aim of understanding the decision-making mechanisms of the individual. 

What can be studied?

Visual communication from businesses, institutions, political figures etc.


Customised data collection and analysis, carried out on a sample group of individuals who undergo a process of selection and statistical analysis


The service verifies the efficacy of a piece of communication, analysing its ability to stimulate emotional involvement and the likelihood of it being remembered. This information helps the client to improve the impact of its marketing and communication.
The research is conducted using instruments that measure brain activity and the individual's emotional response. In more detail:
  • EEG (electroencephalogram): this detects the individual's cerebral activity in response to a given stimulus
  • Psychophysiological measurements (e.g. heart rate, GSR etc.): indicators of emotional arousal of the subject in response to a given stimulus
The information acquired in this way makes it possible to answer the following questions:
  • To what extent is the piece of communication able to involve the viewer emotionally?
  • What is the likelihood of a piece of communication being remembered?

Data supplied

Data supplied to order, as agreed in advance on the basis of the client's requirements

Integration with other services