Eye-tracking is a method of detecting and analysing the way people observe a static or moving image. It analyses the visual behaviour of a sample group of users who are placed in front of a visual stimulus, with the aim of determining:
  • what they actually look at
  • which and how many parts/features of the visual stimulus most attract their attention

What can be studied?

Multimedia advertising campaigns, websites, brand positioning and visual marketing tools in general


Customised data collection and analysis, carried out on a sample group of individuals who undergo a process of selection and statistical analysis


The service is used by companies, institutions, public and private sector bodies with the aim of:
  • Verifying the efficacy of multimedia advertising material
  • Optimising brand positioning in the context of sponsorship
  • Designing more usable websites
  • Improving their corporate image

Data supplied

Data supplied to order, as agreed in advance on the basis of the client's requirements

Integration with other services