Vidierre Lab is our research and development laboratory for media monitoring processes and technologies.

Today’s information landscape is composed of increasingly fragmented sources and multi-directional, non-hierarchical communication that all feed into the official “voice” of an organisation or company. A complex ecosystem that demands constant research into new media intelligence instruments for integrating, managing and interpreting digital news distribution networks.
That is why, for some time, our research and development arm, Vidierre Lab, has focused its energies on the field of the open web and social media, perfecting systems for deriving a homogeneous understanding from enormous masses of unstructured textural and multimedia data. The common thread running through the lab’s current research programme is semantic technology and the development of OSINT systems (Open Source Intelligence), which has already given rise to WOSM.
Innovating in this field also means keeping the wider media framework in view.  At any one moment in time, we may witness the evolution and hybridisation of traditional forms into changeable and ever novel variations. Consequently, Vidierre Lab is occupied with the question of a multichannel integration of monitoring systems, with the aim of planning their effective convergence on platforms that more closely suit the requirements of its clients and the current status of the marketing industry.


We pursue our own ongoing programme of research and experimentation as an independent company. We collaborate with leading institutions in Italy and around the world to develop new media monitoring and analysis technologies and services that can compete in the global market.

ETH Zürich Sapienza - Università di Roma

Big data and knowledge management for businesses and organisations

Data visualisation, wireless communication, cloud infrastructure, social networks are extending the power and the reach of information at an astonishing rate. The shock wave created by the so-called Internet of All Things, with its links between digital networks and "intelligent" objects that have integrated sensors, is producing ever more opportunities and consequences. There are very interesting repercussions in terms of the types of information currently available from public sources that are set within an ever-expanding media framework.
With our integrated monitoring, we are constantly engaged in testing and experimenting with new solutions in this field. Our research in the context of advanced analytical software, which is automated by intelligent “engines”, constant study of information and the adoption of the most up-to-date information technologies have made it possible for us to manage the process of interpreting enormous inflows of heterogeneous data and perfect effective intelligence systems.  Thus, we are able to advise businesses and organisations on how to remain competitive and up to speed with today’s challenges.
Indeed, these days it is not unusual to hear talk of big data planning as a key priority. Big data exploitation plans and the strategic use of intelligence apparatus have shifted unashamedly, from being a fringe practice, to become an indispensable combination for those that want to obtain a better understanding of their key markets, make better decisions, evaluate situations and scenarios and anticipate future tendencies.
That is why our involvement extends beyond strategic consultancy in the use of media monitoring data, to include the design of new information analysis and visualisation instruments that are tailored to the daily requirements of individuals, businesses and organisations. Vidierre Lab, our dedicated research unit, is blessed with a flexible organisational structure and a design culture than is open to change. As such, it enables constant, strategically directed experimentation with big data use, which is aimed at developing innovative tools and systems.

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