We work with businesses, institutions, spokespeople from the worlds of politics and commerce, brand ambassadors and marketing professionals.

Vidierre’s services allow you to monitor, profitably, the broadest possible range of integrated sources from the web, TV, press and radio. There’s no need to worry about the disparate character of the data and how to interpret them; we’ll see that you get comprehensive analysis, complete reports and strategic breakdowns.

Monitored Sources

  • > 15 million web, blog, forum and newsgroup sources
  • 26 social networks including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Wikipedia
  • 1,414 television broadcasters around the world
  • > 85,000 newspaper titles
  • 233 radio stations
  • We can expand or reduce the sample group of monitored sources according to the client’s requirements: e.g. by country/market or by relevant sector.