The "Natural Interface" is an application that allows clients to operate with gestures on a "smart screen" and manage the complexity of the data provided by WOSM. It's one of the most advanced "presentation layer" in the world to cross-relate, interact with and submit "Big Data".
Furthermore, it allows to insert controls over all business management processes, such as communication but also production, distribution and finance.
In its "Security" version, the Natural Interface provides a set of tools and specific connectors that control those systems considered essential in the context of physical security. The platform interacts with external sources such as sensors, GPS data, surveillance IP cameras, access or alarm systems, control rooms PTZ, etc., in order to create a single control center which works as a centralized spot and a dispatcher with all their data.
The Natural Interface is able to display, in two or three dimensions in a single georeferenced environment (which represents the entire area to be monitored), the real time or asynchronous streams originated by the various sources, which are all interactable through touch and simple gestures.
When an event or the occurrence of a situation happens, it triggers an alert to the control center. Representing this multitude of devices into one single interface allows the operator by the first warning signal to assess the general picture of the event, to immediately evaluate the seriousness of the situation and to analyse possible consequences, without having to open additional software or to carry out further research, because the situation is already under his/her eyes.