vidierre database

We have been monitoring media since 1993. Every result from over 20 years of work is archived in a unique historical Database, which is one of the most comprehensive in the whole sector. It contains the identification data and the analysis and recordings of media appearances for over 650 clients in Italy and around the world. With over 100 TB online, and 300 TB offline – of data, audio-video segments and web pages – it allows our analysts to carry out exhaustive comparisons over varying time frames.

Pure,  objective, certified scientific data.

Vidierre has always provided certification of the absolute accuracy and reliability of the data it supplies, and guarantees total confidentiality and security in respect to every analysis it carries out.

Impartial - Its status as an independent company enables Vidierre to supply reliable, impartial information, free from any sort of external influence. 

Objective - The quantitative and qualitative data collected, processed and catalogued by Vidierre is entirely objective. Media monitoring analysis results provide an impartial instrument for all categories of evaluation. 

Confidential - Vidierre ensures complete data confidentiality. It guarantees a strict policy of non-divulgence of information supplied to the client to third parties.  

Secure - The memory system features a disaster recovery function that guarantees protection against all forms of damage or mishap.  

Complete - Vidierre’s recognition products capture a complete picture of a subject’s appearances across all media forms and over the entire time frame studied.