STT – Speech to Text

A computerised system that automatically recognises spoken language and produces an accurate text transcription. This technology is applied to audio/video recordings of monitored broadcasts from around the world.
WSS - Web & Social Screening

WSS – Web & Social Screening

Computerised system that enables monitoring of Web 1.0 and 2.0 through a process of downloading, archiving and organisation of saved data in a proprietary database.
AFS - Audio Frequency Search

AFS – Audio Frequency Search

Audio search technology that compares the wavelength and frequency of sound waves. This technology makes it possible to search for specific audio segments within an audio file.
ASR - Automatic Semantic Reader

ASR – Automatic Semantic Reader

Software for reading and comprehension of audio and text transcriptions, which uses digital semantic recognition that attributes a mood to each audio file or text processed and a sentiment to the subject or issue dealt with.
VSD  - Digital Video Scanner

VSD – Digital Video Scanner

Media analysis system that uses the market’s most advanced recognition technology, which is based on a proprietary algorithm. This system can automatically recognise brands or monitored subjects within a video segment.