This service allows broadcasters who have entered into footage license agreements with other broadcasters, or who are in the process of doing so, to certify the quantity of footage from their own programming that has been broadcast by other parties.

What can be monitored?

Minutes of transmission of a broadcaster's propriety material by other parties.


This service is used:
  • by broadcasters who have footage license agreements, to confirm that the parameters of the agreement are respected
  • by broadcasters who have not entered into footage license agreements, to calculate potential income from such agreements 
The service can also be used in legal disputes to verify whether footage has actually been used by a broadcaster in accordance with the contractual agreement, or to provide reports and evidence of the validity of investments, even retrospectively. Database


  • Objective, scientific data
  • The option of generating an impartial prediction of future returns on a footage license agreement
  • Certification of frequency and duration of footage broadcast

Data supplied

Visibility report indicating every reproduction of material from the client's programming by selected broadcasters. Lists of appearance are accompanied by comprehensive video documentation, which constitutes important evidence that can be included in the case of disputes.